Pyramid Lake Pre-Opener Fishing Report for Nov. 2nd 2020

Pyramid is set to open on November 2nd. The pre-opener fishing report is based on years of fishing the lake in the fall since we have not been on the lake since March. With the warm fall we have had the lake water temperatures are sure to still be really warm. In the 60’s for sure. So, for the opener we suggest fishing from the lake in a float tube, pontoon boat, kayak or boat. Most of the fish are going to be hanging out in deeper water that is in the 25-50 range. Fast sinking shooting heads with a sinking running line is a must. Fish with two streamers with at least one with some weight to get down to the bottom in the deeper water. Our Pyramid Lake Balanced Minnows are our #1 pattern for this type of fishing. Deepwater Woolybuggers are also exceptionally good. You can use a dropper fly like a Midnight Cowboy or a Martini Olive and even a Loco Tadpole as long as you have a weighted fly on as well. Strip fast… Extremely fast. The fish are feeding on Tui Chub minnows and are hard to outrun this time of year. Vertical jigging a Balanced Minnow off the bottom is also highly effective. The Tui Chub minnows are most likely already heading for deeper water and the window to fish these techniques is very short. Soon the weather will cool, and the normal pattern of ladder fishing will start to pick up. Probably around thanksgiving. More to come…

Press Release Opening 2020  Click on link to see information on the Re-Opening and the temporary fees during Covid-19

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