The first official report since the lake opened on November 2nd has the lake in great shape. Anglers have enjoyed days with success and some struggles. Sounds like Pyramid! The weather over the past couple of weeks and the weather forecast for the next month should bring some good opportunities to catch some fish.


As of November 11th, the surface water temperatures are 57 degrees. The lake is in transition from the warm waters of summer and early fall to the cold-water temperatures of winter. This is a little warmer for this time of year than usual. This has kept the float tube and pontoon bite going. There are some fish still cruising in 20-30 feet of water and stripping Wooly’s and Balanced Minnows along the bottom has been highly effective. This pattern should last for another couple of weeks until the water temperature drops more, and the thermocline breaks up even further. Shore fisherman are also having some great fishing. The water has dropped below 60 degrees around the edges and the Tui Chub minnows have made their fall migration back into deep water for the winter. As this happens fish tend to follow them out and then seem to return once they are gone. The beaches with deeper drop offs have had the best reports which is also normal for the fall. Anglers are catching fish stripping Midnight Cowboy Wooly worms and Loco Tadpoles. The indicator bite is also worth a shot. Maholo nymphs and Midges are doing very well and on days with more wind and chop, Balanced Leeches are also very effective. Look for the fall bite to only get better over the next couple of weeks and continue into December until it starts to really effect the water temperatures.