The water is warming finally and there are a lot of fish cruising close to shore. They are not really hungry and are in full spawn mode but at least there are some fish to cast to now from shore. They can be fooled best first thing in the morning before the sun comes up and for sure on days with some chop on the water. It is still not the old Pyramid but worth a shot for sure now.   If you are stripping flies with a shooting head and you are snagging fish, then you are in the right place and just doing it wrong. If this happens, slow down your retrieve a lot and even think about taking off one of the flies if you want to catch these fish in the mouth and not the side.   Loco Tadpoles are the most effective of the stripping flies right now due to the buoyancy of the foam. Midnight Cowboy or Martini Olive woolly worms are also a good choice.   If you are fishing under an indicator, you should downsize everything. Tippet down to 3x and flies down to 14-16. Maholo Midges tied very thinly like the ones on our online store are perfect. Copper Wino, G. T’s, UPS, Albino Wino are all great flies right now.

The late season bite is just around the corner. Don’t give up on Pyramid just yet. It is just getting started. We have two outings scheduled for June. 7-9 and 26-28. We have been chasing the largest fish in the lake in late season and this June, we will show you what you have been missing. We still have space in both outings.

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Here is a link to our Late season fishing video. If you love Pyramid this is a must watch.