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SEO Idaho

Fishing Report January 19 2021

The lake has been fishing really well for mid-Winter/January. The water temperatures are at their winter lows around 42-43 degrees. This usually means, low fish totals and the occasional cruiser with plenty of days when you wonder if there are any fish in the lake at all. Pyramid will always kick out big fish no

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Fishing Report November 12 2020

The first official report since the lake opened on November 2nd has the lake in great shape. Anglers have enjoyed days with success and some struggles. Sounds like Pyramid! The weather over the past couple of weeks and the weather forecast for the next month should bring some good opportunities to catch some fish.  

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Pyramid Lake Pre-Opener Fishing Report for Nov. 2nd 2020

Pyramid is set to open on November 2nd. The pre-opener fishing report is based on years of fishing the lake in the fall since we have not been on the lake since March. With the warm fall we have had the lake water temperatures are sure to still be really warm. In the 60’s for

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Fishing Report May 18 2020

Pyramid Lake Pyramid Lake is temporarily closed to fishing and should remain closed for the rest of the season which ends June 30th. The entire Pyramid lake Paiute Reservation is actually closed to Non-Tribal members to all activities until further notice due to the Covid-19 situation. We are very hopeful that the lake will open

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Fishing Report March 8 2020

March is here and so are the people and the fish. Every year anglers come from all over the country in March to chase the fish of a lifetime. The conditions this year are much drier than the past few years and there are a lot of high pressure sunny calm days. Even though this

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Fishing Report February 18 2020

Late February at the lake and so far, so good. The spring fishing seems to be in full swing already with little or no cold weather and or precipitation soon. The water temperature is already 47 degrees which is probably a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. We could still have a cold snap and

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