Fishing Reports

Fishing Report December 2023

Fishing Report November 30, 2023 The lake has been fishing really well. This time of year is usually predictable and this season holds true. The days and nights are cold, the air is dry, and we are experiencing normal weather for November and early December. The days are really short right now. It gets light

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Fishing Report October 10 2023

Pyramid Lake opened with a bang, tons of big fish were caught, and it appears as though the 30 pound mark may have been broken. We saw lots of fish over 20 pounds and plenty of numbers as well. The weather was a little cooler than normal and the worries about the conditions soon were

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Pyramid Lake Forecast 2023 and the Future of the Lake

Pyramid Lake and its ever changing conditions and seasons. By Rob Anderson   Hey everyone, Rob here. I have been a fishing guide at Pyramid Lake for over 20 years. It has been incredible to work at such a magnificent place. Over the past 20 or so years I have kept a close watch on

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Mid-March Fishing Report 2023

A little over halfway through March and it appears that winter is not willing to let go. Storm after storm has pounded the Sierras for the past few months. What is normally the most productive month of the season at the lake has been “weathering the storm”. Water temperatures are 8 degrees below normal, and

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April Public Shore Clinic/Outing 2023

Pyramid Lake Shore / Ladder Outing April 15th-16th   A fishing trip designed to help anglers of all skill levels learn more about fly fishing Pyramid Lake. Spend the day with our top guides along the shores of Pyramid Lake. Learn techniques that we have been using for years to catch these amazing huge fish.

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