Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake is temporarily closed to fishing and should remain closed for the rest of the season which ends June 30th. The entire Pyramid lake Paiute Reservation is actually closed to Non-Tribal members to all activities until further notice due to the Covid-19 situation.
We are very hopeful that the lake will open to the public and resume normal activities in time for the season opener on October 1st. As always, we will keep everyone updated as more information is available through social media including our Facebook page (Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing), our newsletters and websites.

Please everyone be respectful of the decisions of the tribe to do what is considered right to protect the tribal members, their elders and the non-tribal residents of the Sutcliff area.

Since the lake is closed we included our full fishing report for the area to help with other places to fish.

Truckee River – Open to fishing in both Nevada and California.

The Truckee is in spring run-off mode, however with very little snowpack over the winter the effects are minimal. The latest storm which moved through the area over the past few days has taken its toll on the flows but is most likely a short-term issue. Overall, the flows are fishable although still high from the run-off and high elevation snowmelt. Fish the edges in slower water, deeper pools and tail-outs. The Nevada side, due to its lower elevation usually fishes a little better in the early spring. Midges are already hatching in the slow water areas and fish are feeding and catchable. As the spring rolls on, the flows will continue to drop, the water will start to warm and the normal spring bugs will start to appear. The caddis hatch could start East of town in a week or two. It will then make its yearly migration up the river and last into late June. Nymphing is a great way to go right now. Smaller bugs in sizes 16-18 will match the midge hatch but the fish are very opportunistic right now and eat larger flies as well. The key is getting your flies down to the fish in higher water and a good dead drift. Streamer fishing is also worth a try, swinging larger weighted flies through deep runs and tail-outs. The middle of the day is the best time to be on the water right now. Flows are: Town of Truckee 367 CFS, Boca Bridge 1770 CFS, Farad 1890, Reno 1720 and Vista 1780. These flows are going to drop substantially in the next few days as the effects of rain and snow diminish.

East Walker River

Flows on the East Walker are 120 CFS. This is absolutely perfect for any time of year. The East Walker is a tailwater and has not been affected by the latest storm system. At 120 CFS the river is primed for fishing. These flows make it easy to wade and cross the river and enough water to approach runs without spooking fish. Basically, see you down there!!! High Sticking the edges of larger pools is a great way to go and indicator nymphing is also going to be good. Just make sure you get your flies to the fish and get a good drift. Bead head nymphs in sizes 14-18 should do the trick. Most generic patterns are worth a try and if you have a favorite by all means tie it on. 4X-5X tippet is also a good way to go.

East Carson River

The East Carson is definitely more effected by run-off and storms right now. Before the storm the flows are diving fast and already down to 400 CFS. They should be back to somewhere in that range in a few days. That is still on the high side for the East Carson but fishable for sure. That much water means fishing the edges from dry ground in most cases. The runs will be fast and the fish will be in slower water for a while. High Sticking is a great way to start with some heavier flies and some split shot. When the flows come back down look for the bug activity to take off. Baetis, Midges, caddis and Little Yellow Stones are all coming soon.

Davis Lake

Davis is in early spring mode. Fish are holding close to creek channels and in coves and even shallow water already. We have some warm weather coming again in a few days and as the water warms look for blood midges to appear. This will be the time you want to fish Albino Wino’s under an indicator in 4-10 feet of water. Soon after the Callabaetis will start to pop and then before you know it the Damsels will be on their yearly migration to shallow water. Just like every year at Davis you have to fish the conditions and with the bugs that are available. For now, look to the indicator game and have Midges, Baetis and Damsels all ready to hang.

Frenchman’s Reservoir

Midges are already out in force at Frenchman’s and the Callabaetis are also starting to pop. Frenchman’s has always been more of an indicator lake compared to Davis and right now is no exception. It is really hard to beat a two-fly rig in 6-10 feet of water right now with a Maholo Nymph on top and a Zebra Midge like a Banded Midge in red, olive or black on the bottom. Keep varying your depths until you find where the fish are holding because it can be different on any day.

There are a bunch more fishable waters in our area right now. To name a few there is Boca Reservoir, Stampede, the Little Truckee River, Maryland’s pond, Sparks marina, Hinkson Slough and the West Walker.
Although we are still adapting to our situation due to Covid-19 it is possible to have a safe day on the water if you use good judgement. Please be respectful of others while you are out and get some fresh air and enjoy some outdoor time.