The water warmed up a lot last week and then we had another shot of cold weather. Another storm is on the way as we speak, and the weather systems just keep coming through. This has slowed the fishing for sure and the full moon a week ago did not help. We have another round of wind and storms ahead of us for the next few days and then a bunch of worm weather is headed our way. The spawn is getting ready to go nuts and there should be plenty of fish to be had.

Some pretty simple advice to follow if you don’t know the lake very well. Make sure you know the depth of the area you are fishing. It is important to have your flies near or on the bottom in most cases around the shore. If you are hanging midges and nymphs under an indicator, it is important to have the bottom fly just off the bottom. Shooting head rigs should also be counted down so the line will be resting in the sand. As we get into warmer and nicer weather, downsizing flies and tippet will be important for the indicator rigs. We go down to Size 14-16 flies and 6-8 pound tippet. A little risky but a grab is a grab. This is not important for stripping Woolybuggers and Foam flies with a shooting head. Use 12-15 pound tippet always.

Early mornings and evenings are going to be more and more important with nicer weather coming. Longer days are going to make it more difficult to fish both so take a nap in the middle of the day if the fish are not biting. Just sayin…

I like to strip first thing in the morning and keep an eye on the indicator fisherman. Have both rigs ready in case the action gets hot. Always follow our advice until the guy next to you is catching fish and then ask him for advice, Hahahahaha….

Flies to always have with you for this time of year.

Midges – Albino Wino #12-14 * Copper Wino #12-14 * UPS #12-14 * G.T. #10-12

Nymphs – #12 Maholo Nymphs in Red and Black

Balanced Leeches – Olive Martini * Black and Blue * Root beer * White Ghost

Woolybuggers – Midnight Cowboy * Martini Olive * Bloody Mary

Beetles/Tadpoles – Chartreuse/White * Northern Lights * White Ghost

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