Hey folks, Rob here giving the last fishing report of the season.   The late season June bite is in full swing, Put the ladders away and break out something to float in. The surface temperatures are already rising to uncomfortable temperatures for the trout and they are starting to stage in deeper water. (perfect). This is the time of year we love. We catch a alot of big fish, we have the lake to ourselves and it is warm, imagine that, fishing Pyramid when it is warm.

Fishing with fast sinking lines and weighted flies is the only way you can catch fish this time of year. The fish are in at least 20 feet of water if not even deeper and this is normal. Jig flies such as the Tui Chui or the Bottom Dweller are what we use most and how we catch most of our big fish. Balanced Minnows and Deep Water Wooly Buggers are also effective with fast sinking lines.

Flies | Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing

Make sure if you are headed out to the lake and fishing from a tube or something similar you have a life jacket, an anchor and a depth finder. Finidng the right depth and staying stationary are the 1st keys to fishing our Jig flies.

We are hosting an outing this weekend to show anglers how we catch so many huge fish in June. June 7-9 we will be at the lake catching fish, eating food and having a blast. Unfortunatley we have had two people cancel. We have space for two people and we are offering a big discount or a 2 for 1 to fill the spots.   If you would like to learn how to fish the new Pyramid Lake, catch some big fish and have a great time this weekend, give me a call, Rob Anderson 775.742.1754