The lake opens for the 2022-2023 season on October 1st. Only a week away. The pre-season forecast looks great. We are having somewhat normal weather; the water conditions are really good and we should be in for a fantastic start to the season.

Early season at the lake is really different than what most people think about when coming to Pyramid. There are a lot of big fish to be caught but you have to fish the lake entirely different than in the winter. The fish are feeding heavily on baitfish this time of year and are usually in deeper water. This means getting off your ladder and into the water with a pontoon boat, kayak, float tube or a boat. Really fast sinking lines with sinking running lines are a must. Fishing in deeper water pulling streamers really fast is the way to go. Using a balanced Minnow as a streamer is our favorite technique this time of year. This pattern should be the way to go for most of the month of October until the water cools enough for the baitfish to make their way back into the depths of the lake.

We are having a float tube outing on October 8-9. $295 for the entire weekend including food and guides. Every year we teach anglers how to effectively catch huge trout in early and late season at Pyramid Lake. This is a fishing event and the knowledge of the lake you will take home with you is priceless. We still have a few spots available.