Pyramid is already in full swing. The reports are fantastic from all over the lake. Both big fish and numbers of fish are being caught. The next two months are going to be awesome. The lake leve is down around three feet from last spring. The importance of that is that the fish have adjusted some to new locations, the beaches have different depths to the drop offs and old ideas are not always carried over from year to year.

There are a lot of Pyramid fisherman that rely on past experience, old ways of thinking and the idea that Pyramid is an easy fishery. Pyramid is like any other fly-fishing trout fishery. 80% of the fish are caught by 20% of the anglers. Hopefully our reports and information on our website will help you to keep up with ever changing conditions and fishing techniques at the lake.

Right now, fish are eating just about everything preparing for the spawn. Conditions still are the most important piece of the puzzle, but location plays a part as well. The shallower beaches are still not holding many fish except for low light periods. Windy days and cloudy days are the best. These situations are always going to play a part. Size 12-14 midges are catching a lot of fish, especially on calmer days and smaller Woolybuggers and tadpoles’ seam to also be the best. Pyramid is a time spent on the water fishery and if you can put in the time, you will eventually get rewarded. Our online store is fully stocked. Our flies are the same flies we use for ourselves and our clients and have a proven track record. These are not generic flies sold in most stores.