Note* We have our local fishing report posted here while our sister site goes through some Maintenace and updates.


Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake is fishing really good. There are a lot of fish being caught and also some really big ones. November-February are historically the best big fish months. This season is telling the same story.  The water conditions are fantastic, and the lake levels are great. This time of year, it is less important to get an early start and a lot more important to fish later in the day or even until dark. Beaches with deeper drop-offs are usually going to fish the best. Fish are being caught using all of the conventional methods and it is a matter of just putting in your time and having your flies in the water when a fish comes by.

Indicator flies to try – Red Wine Banded Midge, Black Maholo Nymphs, Black Balanced Leeches

Stripping flies – Midnight Cowboy Woolybuggers, White Ghost Tadpoles, Martini Olive Woolly worm

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We are offering a winter discount on all guided trips taken in December and January. Save $100 on a full day trip for 1 or 2 anglers.

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Our next public outing is December 3-4 and is going to be awesome. $295 is the total cost for the weekend with our guides.

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Truckee River

The Truckee is in great shape. The Nevada side is fishing the best by far. The wintertime is a great time to fish the Truckee when the weather allows. Right now, everything is just about perfect for this time of year. The water is a little lower and easier to wade. It is also really clear and requires a little stealthier approach. The middle of the day when the water is the warmest is usually the best time to fish. Small nymphs and midges fished on lighter tippet like 5X are your best bet. Fish are also still chasing streamers but with the lower water conditions you have to cover so much water to be successful. Most anglers are going to do better using nymphs and midges. This is a great time of year to practice your short line nymphing without an indicator in the lower water. Flows are Town of Truckee 11CFS, Boca Bridge 271 CFS, Farad 291 CFS, Reno 254 CFS and Vista 319 CFS

We are currently offering Lower River Float trips for ½ and ¾ days. This is a great time of year to fish the river from a raft so you can cover more water.



Little Truckee River

The flows on the Little Truckee are 113 CFS, this is great for any time of year. The roads are basically clear and the fishing has been fairly good. The middle of the day is the best for sure and there even have been some hatches of Midges and small Baetis on cloudy days.

East Walker River

Flows are down to 22 CFS. It is not worth the drive right now. The flows are too low and there is ice forming on the banks and edges.