A little over halfway through March and it appears that winter is not willing to let go. Storm after storm has pounded the Sierras for the past few months. What is normally the most productive month of the season at the lake has been “weathering the storm”. Water temperatures are 8 degrees below normal, and it still looks and feels like January. The fishing despite all of this has been fairly good. For sure the best is yet to come. Any hint of warmer weather will have fish really active making up for lost time.



Looking at the forecast, it appears we have another storm or two on the horizon. The air temperatures are also going to be below normal. What does this all mean? The effective spring season at Pyramid Lake is going to be late. Maybe three to four weeks late. April has a chance to be one of the best we have seen in a few years. The May and June forecast also looks better than usually as well. We should be able to fish the lake effectively right up until the close of the season on June 30.

Winter Fishing At Pyramid Lake


We have been very fortunate to experience some great days so far. Knowing the lake and how it changes with the weather and the water conditions is very important. Especially during tougher conditions. We are catching fish and we are able to use a few different techniques. The stripping bite has been a great way to start the day and if you like to feel your grabs you can stick with this all day.


Bloody Mary Wooly worms, Martini Olive’s and Midnight Cowboys fished in tandem with a White Ghost Tadpole, or a Chartreuse and White Beetle is going to be as effective as anything. Let your flies and fly line sink right to the bottom and retrieve all the way to your ladder.

Indicator rigs are working really well when there are fish around. Getting the depth correct and knowing which midges to use and what sizes are the most common mistakes. Red Wine Banded midges are working very well as are both Wino patterns and the G.T. midge.

The fishing at Pyramid is only going to get better as we move forward. If you have not made your trip to the lake yet, now is the time to start thinking about it. We have some availability for guide service and Ladder rentals on most days. Our online store is stocked well with all the most popular patterns.

We have a public shore outing on April 15-16 and the timing should be perfect to learn the lake and catch some fish with our guides. For more information on anything we do or any questions about fishing you might have let us know.