The advertised peak of the season is here! We have already had an amazing start to the spring with a lot of really fishy days due to the never ending chain of storms. This spring should continue to be really good into at least early May from shore. The water temperatures are still at their winter lows and the forecast is for some colder weather to stay in place for a while. This is great news for the anglers who are coming to the lake in late March and April.
Right now the fish are pretty predictable. Cloudy breezy days have been very good and the blue bird calm days between storms are harder to find fish. This is normal for the lake anytime of year. Staying and fishing for multiple days or planning trips along with the coming storms is going to increase your chances a lot. The best thing to do is to fish shallow beaches in the wind and deeper beaches on calm days.

For stripping rigs all the normal tried and true flies are working well. Midnight Cowboy and Martini Olive Wooly Worms fished along with White or Chartreuse Tadpoles on a short 6 foot leader right on the bottom. First light and last light has been the time to be on the water with the shooting head set-ups.
The indicator rig is always effective anytime of day. As more and more fish start to cruise the shallows in search of water to spawn the indicator bite is only going to get better and better. Make sure you know the depth of the area you are fishing and keep your bottom fly close to the bottom. Keep a tight line through mending and rod position and try to eliminate drag in the current.

Size 12-14 Albino Wino and Copper Wino midges are hard to beat as a bottom fly along with all of our signature patterns in those sizes. 8-10 LB Flouro Tippet is the way to go. Our online store is really stocked with all the indicator flies and our guide packs put the correct flies in your hands.
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