Fishing has been pretty tough at the lake for a couple of weeks now. However there have been some really nice fish caught in the last few days. Going back to our fishing report last year the patterns were very similar. Tough fishing in late October and early November and then the big fish started to show up for shore anglers as the water cooled.

Bait balls generally start to disperse in mid-October and head for deeper water. Thermoclines that separate warmer and cooler water in the fall tend to break up as the first winter storms and big winds approach the area and this also helps to spread out the fish and the bait. The next 6 weeks or so should be productive for fly fishermen seeking big fish. The numbers will be tough to come by for sure but that one big bite is only a cast away. As the water plummets in mid-December to around 43-46 degrees the fishing can get really tough, even for the hardiest Pyramid angler.

The weeds, moss and grass is really starting to disappear on most beaches and it is way easier to get in a retrieve without grabbing a bunch of salad on the way in. There is still some out there but not nearly as much. Two fly rigs fished on fast sinking shooting heads is starting to pay off from shore or ladders all around the lake. Beaches that offer deep water access are still the way to go. There is a bunch of this type of water on the South end of the lake. Go to for more information. Now that the Tui Chubs have dispersed some, fish are also starting to grab nymphs and midges a little better as well. Maholo Nymphs in Red, Wine or black are all great choices for nymph rigs.