There have been a number of big fish caught over the past couple of weeks. The strong thermoclines finally broke down in the lake and cooler water in the shallows has brought the fish into shallow water and near some of the more popular shore fishing locations. This is very consistent with our report from last year. Fishing should remain really good until the water temperatures cool down to their wintertime lows. They are in the mid 50’s right now and will continue drop over the next few weeks. Fish are really spread out from the North to the South end of the lake. Days with some chop on the water have been better for sure. Try to fish in areas where the wind is coming into the beach you are on. Anglers are catching fish on a variety of flies and techniques. Stripping Wooly Worms in size 2-6 with a Loco Beetle or Tadpole as a dropper with a fast sinking shooting head is a great way to go. Nymph rigs set up with an indicator and a couple of Maholo Nymphs just off the bottom is also working well. We now have a full selection of flies, leaders, indicators and other gear available for purchase. go here for more information