The first two weeks of the season have been really good overall. The fish have been aggressively chasing Tui Chubs around the lake and in some cases right up to shore and in shallow water. Most of the fish however have been in 20-60 feet of water. Anglers fishing from boats either trolling or jigging in those depths seem to be doing the best. Shore fishing has been a little tougher for sure. The key right now is finding fish and the bait. This can require some moving around and fishing different areas. Shore anglers can focus on deep drop off areas such as Block House or Sand hole. Boaters are doing very well across the lake near Anderson Bay or Hell’s Kitchen and also on the West side near Warrior Point and heading south. There have been some really big fish caught so far and it should only get better over the next couple of months. The water is still pretty warm near the surface so take care releasing fish after a long fight. Jigs and Spoons are working for the boaters in 20-60 feet of water. Shore Anglers fly fishing should try a fast sinking line with small Minnow Patterns or Wooly Buggers in White or Olive. If you venture out into the lake with a Pontoon Boat or Float Tube look for water in the 20-30 feet range and let your line sink. Lots of grabs are coming on the way up from the bottom. Indicator Nymphing is also worth a try but you need to be able to get your flies down deep. An Umpqua Deep Water Indicator Leader is the way to go for sure. This allows you to fish under an indicator in up to 20 feet. Try Big Nymph Patterns such as Maholo Nymphs and Leeches that will sink a little faster.