Pyramid continues to put out some big fish. This time of year, is maybe the best for a chance to catch that “Fish of a Lifetime”. The fish are very “Hot” right now as well. Fish in the 5-8-pound range are probably the most aggressive and it is not uncommon to have a fish this size take you into your backing. The surface water temperatures are still in the low to mid 50’s but they are steadily dropping. The next few weeks should continue to be outstanding at Pyramid. You need to have both a fast sinking shooting head and a floating line with either an indicator or set up to strip nymphs as well. Fish are being caught on all techniques all over the lake. The only technique that is a little limited is stripping nymphs with a floating line. You really need to be on more shallow beaches to have success here. The South end of the lake continues to produce and be the most popular place to fish. The water is deeper here and it is not much of an issue to be able to fish past the drop off. You need to let your shooting heads sink a little more down south to get near the bottom. For Indicator rigs 9-10 feet down seems to be the way to go. Some of the shallower beaches or beaches you cannot reach the drop off are producing some fish in the early morning or especially the last hour before dark. The most productive flies for shooting heads are Martini Olive Wooly Worms, White Ghost Tadpoles, Chartreuse and White Tadpoles, Midnight Cowboy Wooly Worms and even Balance Minnows in White, Olive or Black. For the Indicator rigs, Albino Wino’s are really working well already as well as Red Maholo Nymphs, Red Wine Midges, Copper Tiger Midges and Black, Olive or White Balanced Leaches. We have all of these flies in stock on our online store and they are all locally designed and tied by our Pyramid Lake Guides.


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