Pyramid is on fire after a few weeks of flow fishing. The water temperatures have cooled enough to bring fish back in close to shore. There have been quite a few big fish caught in the last week. It is still day to day but it is worth doing for sure. This week is going to give us some very cold overnight lows and it is going to be really chilly in the early mornings. This time of year, with this type of weather pattern the late morning to last light bite is the way to go. The deeper drop off beaches have been doing the best but fish are being caught all over the lake. Some anglers are stripping Wooly’s and Tadpoles along the bottom but believe it or not the indicator bite has been the best. Hanging a Pyramid Lake Balance Leech just off the bottom or in 9-10 feet down on deeper drop offs is probably the most popular way to go right now. Albino Wino’s, Maholo Nymphs and GT Midges are also catching fish. You can put one of these flies as the top fly in a two-fly rig or use two Midges as well. Look for conditions to remain pretty good until the water starts to get really cold in a month or so.  Go to our online store to see some of the above mentioned flies and to see all our new for this season additions.

Our flies are all tied in the United States by our guides. We use only Tungsten Beads. Our patterns are the best on the market for Pyramid Lake, the least expensive and the patterns date back to the Original Reno Fly Shop days and some of the designs are from some of the best local Pyramid Anglers of all time. Most of our flies can not be found anywhere else.

We are taking reservations for guided trips on the Truckee and Pyramid Lake. Come fish with us while the fishing is so good. Call 775.742.1754 for more info or to book a trip.