The recent cold weather has started to change the conditions at Pyramid. The fishing is starting to slow down for numbers but there are quite a few big fish still being caught. The colder water which is now in the mid to high 40’s has sent a lot of the fish into deeper warmer water. The flats and shallow beaches that were holding fish are getting really slow. The best spots to fish continue to be areas where you can access deep drop offs. Fish in these areas are being caught on just about all the normal Pyramid Patterns either stripping with a fast sinking line or hanging flies such as balanced leeches, nymphs and midges under an indicator. It is still a big fish time of year but the grabs are getting fewer and farther between. There is also a pretty good bite the last 45 minutes of the day after the sun gets behind the mountains. Fish can still be found just about anywhere this time of day and some of the sandy beaches and flats are a great place to finish out the day stripping Wooly’s and Tadpoles on a fast sinking line or balanced Minnows and Leeches on a floating line. This pattern should remain for the foreseeable future at Pyramid. This is very normal for this time of year with the exception of there are more and more big fish being caught. Flies to not leave home without include: Olive Martinis, Bloody Marys, Midnight Cowboys, White Ghost Tadpoles For shooting heads. Size 8 Pyramid Lake Balanced Leeches and size 4 Balanced Minnows in Black and Blue, Olive and Root beer. Maholo Midges and Nymphs in 10 and 12. All of these flies can be found on our website