Pyramid is closed until October 1st. There have been more fires in the lake basin and the South West side of the lake is still dealing with a fairly large fire. The road between Nixon and Sutcliff has been closed a few times as well. If you are traveling out to the lake for some recreation or boating be aware of the fire conditions.

Fall Fishing Forecast

We have had a very hot summer. The surface Temperature of the Lake is right around 70 degrees and does not change much until you get into deeper water. This is one of the reasons the lake is closed in the summer. This summer being on the very warm side of summer water temperatures.

The good news is that the fall fishing should be really good. We have developed some really effective techniques to catch these fish in early October and we will once again be holding our October Float Tube Outing on October 5th-6th. It is a public outing and we are currently taking sign-ups. Click on the link below to not only see more information on the Outing but to also see our new website for the first time.