May brings the end of the spawn and warmer water conditions to Pyramid. Even though there is some really good fishing days still out there at the lake, you have to shift gears and really look at how the weather is changing the lake on a daily basis. Summit Lake strain Cutthroats are still around but the urge to spawn is waning and the need to be in cooler water is evident. There are not as many fish cruising the ledges in shallow water and calm weather days have become even tougher than usual. The water is reaching 60 degrees or better in the shallows in the afternoons and there even has been an algae bloom going on. This has all but shut off the bite after lunch.

Anglers are still catching fish on windy days but there have not been too many of those out there lately with the high pressure and warm weather we have had. There is a storm approaching in the next couple of days and there should be an opportunity or two to get out there and get the wind in your face. Callabaetis mayflies are starting to hatch as well as midges. There should be some Tui Chubs showing up feeding on these bugs and with them usually come the new Pilot Peak strain of Cutty’s. These fish seem to have a little more tolerance for warm water and lengthen our fishing season in the spring over the past couple of years. It may be necessary to get into a little deeper water and leave the hatchery area alone. There are still some great fishing days at Pyramid you just have to choose them accordingly. As the spring goes on look use more Pyramid Lake Balanced Leeches and Minnows, White Ghost Tadpoles, White Woolybuggers and any bait fish pattern with a shooting head. Nymphing with Maholo Nymphs and Midges will still work well as imitations for the Callabaetis and Midges.

NIck and Chris #15 May 2 CFFU