The water Temperature 58-60 degrees. Spawning channel has been closed and the water turned off for a few weeks. The fishing remains pretty good at the lake, especially on windy days. The fish are all but done with the spawn for the season and now show up in the shallows to feed instead of mate. There are some really good Midge and Callabaetis hatches going on from early morning to midafternoon. This is evident from the numerous swallows feeding just above the water in numerous areas around the lake and the amount of midges hovering around vehicles parked on the beaches. The water is still in really fishable shape at around 60 degrees although a lot of the fish are starting to head out to deeper water for the summer. Tui Chub minnows should start to come up into some fishable water soon and with them we should see some Pilot Peak Cutthroats. The next month or so could be really worth doing at the lake with the idea of catching less fish and maybe a better shot at a big one. Get the wind in your face, fish on cloudy windy days and be prepared to move to find fish.

For the Midge and Callabaetis hatch try using Red, Black or Wine colored Maholo Nymphs with a Maholo Midge dropper. Copper Tops are a good choice.

To imitate minnows try Pyramid Lake Balance Leeches in Olive Martini and White Ghost under a big indicator or White Ghost Wooly’s and Midnight Cowboys fished with a shooting head on the bottom.

Mike and Lorie Double Hook Up