There has been a high pressure system over the area that started to move in last Wednesday. This has kept the winds down and made fishing pretty tough for most anglers. Glass conditions have been the standard over most of the lake. There are still plenty of fish cruising around the hatchery and all up and down the west side of the lake. Calm conditions have given most of the fish in spawn mode lock jaw for the past week. Some unsettled weather has moved into the area and should remain for the next few days. There is a slight chance of thunderstorms which can get the wind going for a while in the afternoon and evenings. This could give us some much needed chop on the water and even some cloud cover for the remainder of the week. The first and last light bite has been pretty UN reliable for the past few days as well. This time of year you have to just be at the lake on days when the wind is blowing. Look for areas with wind in your face and put in some time. The fishing is going to be streaky and it is important to be ready when it is happening.

The indicator bite has been the most consistent lately for sure. You can catch fish with shooting head rigs but it has been a tougher bite. White Ghost tadpoles, Olive Martini and Midnight Cowboy Wooly Worms have been the way to go. For Nymphing rigs use a Red Maholo Nymph on top and an Albino Wino or a Copper Top in size 12 for the dropper right off the bottom.

Bob Malder