Cooler stormy weather over the past 10 days or so has really helped the fishing. The water temperatures have stabilized around 60 degrees on the surface and it has helped keep some fish in shallow water. Tui Chubs are starting to roam and cruise in close as well. The hatchery area has been slow but some of the normal early fall and late spring beaches have been producing. The numbers of Pilot Peak strain fish also tend to go up some this time of year. Fishing off ladders as well as Pontoon Boats and Float Tubes are all worth a try. There are plenty of fish in 8-20 feet of water but that could change as soon as we get some warmer weather. Windy days are still best for sure. Early mornings have been worth getting up for lately as well. For Stripping flies use Midnight Cowboy’s and Olive Martini’s. For Indicator rigs the Red Maholo Nymph has been awesome. Larger Midges and Pyramid Lake Balanced Leeches are also worth a try.

CFFU Sheila and Chris #10