The season is really winding down at Pyramid. The official closing date is June 30th. The surface water temperatures are getting really warm and most of the fish have left the many beaches around the lake for deeper water. There have been some great fishing days still at the lake but it has been very streaky. Trout don’t care much for water temperatures approaching 70 degrees and will start to go deeper to find cooler water with more oxygen. They will however make a few appearances in shallow warmer water in search of food like cruising Tui Chubs. There are plenty of Midges and Callabaetis hatching as well and the abundance of food is keeping some fish around. Moss and grass is starting to grow again and it is making shooting head fishing a little aggravating. Getting out in the water and fishing deep water wooly buggers with a hover line has been working well. This will allow your flies to jig up and down a little and stay out of the grass a little more. Nymphing with Maholo Nymphs and Pyramid Lake Balanced Leaches has also been effective.

Lauren Dunn 1