March is here and so are the people and the fish. Every year anglers come from all over the country in March to chase the fish of a lifetime. The conditions this year are much drier than the past few years and there are a lot of high pressure sunny calm days. Even though this is the “advertised Peak of the Season” there are plenty of slow days ahead. Pyramid has been going through some changes in the past few years and is turning into more of a trophy fishery. Numbers of fish are way down due to new stocking practices. The same flies are working on cloudy days with some wind and chop. For stripping try White Ghost Tadpoles, Midnight Cowboy Woolybuggers and Chartreuse and White beetles. For the Floating line set-ups, Albino Wino’s, Copper Wino’s and Copper Tigers in size 12 are hard to beat. If you are local play the weather game and fish early and late. If you are coming from out of town then cross your fingers you get some weather while you are in town. Ex Fisheries Bioligist Mike Sevon will be giving a detailed presentation on the fishing at Pyramid Lake and what we can expect in the near future at the 7th Annual Pyramid Lake Celebration on April 10th. If you are not signed up do so soon. This event will surely sell out with Mike once again being the guest speaker.

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