A lot of us have forgotten about Pyramid now that we are in the 2nd half of May. Beaches are empty and the most popular spots on the lake only have a few anglers fishing them. This is one of the most underrated times of the season to fish Pyramid. The fish have come off the spawn and started to spread out around the lake and are feeding again. It is not so important to fish the wind or the stormy days if you know where to look for fish. The Pilot Peak strain is creeping into more shallow water and making themselves available to fly anglers on many beaches. Fish are being caught both Stripping Wooly’s and Beetles and hanging Nymphs and Midges under an indicator. Some of the beaches this time of year just hold fish and they can be caught on bad weather days but also on calm sunny days. You should fish the early morning bite for sure but fish can be found most of the day on deeper beaches away from the hatchery. There are a lot of younger fish being caught right now but there are some larger fish around for sure. If you love to fish Pyramid don’t give up now there are no crowds, the water is warm and the days much more tolerable. Look for this pattern to hang on until the water warms up to the low to mid 60’s when most of the fish will go for deeper water.

A fish from May 17th 2014

Pig at Pyramid