With only 3 weeks left in the season, Pyramid is starting to wind down. There are plenty of fish still being caught and still worth doing for sure but the signs of summer are starting to show. Weeds are starting to grow on the bottom in the shallows making it harder to fish a shooting head and the summer crowd of boaters and Jet Skiers are out in force. The water temperatures are climbing fast and will soon push what fish are left in the shallows out to deeper water for the summer. If you are planning to get another day in at the lake before in closes on June 30th then we recommend you either fish the first or last light bite for sure. Mornings seem to be the best when fish are feeding in low light and then sometime mid-morning you can find Callabaetis hatching. This pattern has made indicator fishing pretty productive almost every day regardless of the weather. Deeper beaches are the way to go in most cases but there are still some fish being caught at the south Nets on good North wind days as well. Black Maholo Nymphs are an awesome choice for either a top or bottom fly right now along with Balanced Leeches and Maholo Midges. Beetles are working better than Wooly Buggers for stripping flies mainly due to the fact that they stay out of the weeds a little better close to the bottom.