May is here and the spring spawn is really winding down. The Hatchery is closed until next spring and fish around the Nets area are thinning out. The water is still in the mid to high 50’s and there are some fish around to catch. There is usually a slow period around the full moon in April co-inciting with the spawn and then the fishing picks back up in May sometime on some of the other beaches around the lake. There is a Callabaetis hatch starting to happen and should go on for a few weeks. There are also plenty of Midges around as well. The south end of the lake is clearing up and loaded with Cui-Ui right now. The area around the hatchery is pretty slow unless you are there on a windy day with some mud lines and rollers coming in. The North end of the lake usually fishes better this time of year but it has been slow as well. There are some 2-3 year old Pilot Peak Cutty’s around Monument and Warrior. We have some more weather coming in this week so we should see some more good days coming up but there are more slow ones for sure. On good days fish are still being caught with shooting heads and Indicator rigs. White Ghost Tadpoles and Olive Martini Wooly’s are a great combo for shooting heads and don’t be afraid to tie on two foam flies if you start getting into moss and goo on the bottom. For Indicator rigs a black or red Maholo nymph and an Albino Wino dropper is going to be hard to beat. Fish the weather and check the wind forecast on our website before you go.

Andy Furmento 17 Pounder