The fishing at Pyramid was all over the map last week. The storm that rolled through brought with it snow, sleet and rain along with wind and some great fishing. As the week went on the fishing slowed considerably. By this past weekend, bright sunny days, no wind and a full moon all played a part in really tough fishing. Weather plays a huge part in fishing at Pyramid Lake and this past week proved it once again even in the peak of the season. The water temperatures in the lake are in the high 40’s with some warmer temps. in some of the shallow areas, especially in the afternoons. More and more fish are starting to show up along most of the beaches around the lake to complete their yearly spawn. Most of the females are still really “green” or not ready to spawn yet although it is evident that they are carrying eggs. The males are getting their dark red color associated with this time of year. There are a lot more summit lake strain fish being caught right now which has been normal for March and April for the past few years since the introduction of the Pilot Peak strain.

The coming weeks should be really good at the lake as more and more fish cruise into the shallows and the water continues to warm up. Weather will continue to play a role in the fishing and the days when there is some wind on the water should continue to be the best. On blue bird days fishing early or late when the sun is off the water can help some. With the water still in the 40’s the afternoons are probably your best bet. For shooting head set ups White Ghost Beetles and Tadpoles are the way to go. White Wooly Worms are also doing well. Nymph rigs should be fished close to the bottom without dragging. Albino Wino’s are tough to beat as a bottom fly and Black Maholo Nymphs for the top one.