The fishing at Pyramid continues to Ebb and Flow with the weather. There have been some really slow days over the past week when there is no wind on the water and some great days when there is some wind and clouds. The water is creeping into the low 50’s and there are plenty of Summit Lake Strain Lahontan Cutthroat’s getting ready to spawn but they tend to get lock jaw on calm sunny days. If you are going out to the lake on a day like this then first light and last light are the time to go. The Pilot Peak strain is still really spread out all over the lake and seem to be in a little deeper water most of the time. They can however make an appearance in the shallows on windy or low light times of day. This has been the pattern in March and April for the past few years and looks like the normal routine now that the new strain has been in the lake for a while. IF this year is anything like the last two the Pilot Peak Cutthroat’s will make more of an appearance in May and early June into fishable water for fly fishermen. Until then look for higher numbers of Summit Strain fish in close.

Nymphing under an indicator in 5-10 feet of water has been working well. Like last year fish are starting to key in on smaller flies as the water gets warmer. Maholo Midges are hard to beat as your bottom fly right now. Albino Wino’s, Copper Tops and PMS’s are all catching plenty of fish. Stripping Wooly Buggers, Beetles and Tadpoles on windy days or early and late are also catching plenty of fish. Martini Olive’s and Midnight Cowboys for the Wooly’s and White Ghost Beetles and Northern Lights Tadpoles are the way to go. The fishing should be good for the next few months but there will be plenty of slow days mixed in for sure.