The lake is in great early March form. The recent storm that went through the area last weekend laid down some snow, sleet, rain and some really big fish over the weekend. This is shaping up to be another great spring at the lake. The water is still cold but a little warmer than normal for early March. The fishing is still really being driven by the weather more than time of day. You can catch fish pretty much any time on the right day. Look for wind in your face and some cloud cover. The blue bird days with little or no wind can still be tough even during the peak of the season. Nymphing has been working really well. The fish are eating Midges such as Copper Top’s and Albino Wino’s as well as Black Maholo Nymphs and Midnight Cowboy Balanced Leeches. For Stripping Purple Wooly’s seem to be catching a lot of fish as well as White Ghost Tadpoles. Rig up two rods and be ready for anything this time of year.


Doug Newton on March 1st 2015 15 pounds.