We are one week away from March! The spring season is just around the corner. The fishing has been all over the map over the past week. A small storm moved through and brought some wind to the lake on Sunday. There were some pretty good reports from numerous beaches around the lake. The Summit Lake strain Cutthroat’s are starting to show up in smaller schools in shallow water. There have been plenty of big fish caught as well.

Even though we are approaching what lots of anglers would say is the peak of the season, weather still plays a big part in the fishing. Calm sunny days can be tough any time of year. If you get some wind it is normally better even in March and April. Nymphing is starting to pick up around the lake and stripping Wooly’s, Beetles and Tadpoles are also working well. White Ghost Loco Tadpoles or any bright fly is a good choice and for two fly rigs also tie on a Midnight Cowboy or a Bloody Mary. Maholo Nymphs in Red or Wine are hard to beat for Nymphing but Balanced Leeches and Maholo Midges are also worth some time. Fish can be caught any time of day but early and late continue to give you a little better chance.