The fishing at Pyramid continues to be all over the map. There is an early morning bite with dark Wooly Buggers and a shooting head but it ends when the sun hits the water. It is starting to get light pretty early and getting up and 4:30 am for 45 minutes of good fishing is what you have to weigh in on. Mid mornings have been somewhat slow and then the bite seems to get better in the afternoon. This pattern has been pretty consistent for a week or more now. The only thing that changes this is the weather. Windy days can be more consistent and clear bluebird no wind days are usually tough. This is pretty normal for this time of year at the lake. The summit lake strain fish are really starting to cruise the shallows and do their spring spawn routine. The ones you can see in close usually have lock jaw and you are better off fishing for the ones you can’t see. There have been so many anglers at the lake, backing up and fishing on top of the shelf is hard to do. There are some really big Pilot Peak strain fish being caught but they tend to be more one here and one there. Look for this pattern to remain for a few weeks now that the fish are really looking to spawn. For shooting head rigs use a dark fly and a white or white and chartreuse dropper. They can be woolybuggers or beetles and tadpoles. Fish are definitely keying in on dark flies in the early morning. For indicator rigs thin bodied midges are catching the most fish. This is Albino Wino time of year for sure. Black and or Red Midges are also worth a shot.