The lake continues to roll with the weather. April is here and so is the peak of the spawn. There are plenty of Summit Lake strain Cutty’s swimming the shallows in search of some type of moving water to complete the cycle. At this point fish are in really close and even in less than a foot of water in some areas. This time of year offers some real good opportunities to cast to shallow cruising fish even if most attempts are to fish with lock jaw. Most beaches have fish around them right now so if you do not like the crowds there are plenty of areas to try your luck.

There has been a little bit of a morning bite before the sun comes up but it is not guaranteed and it is an early rise to get to the lake for 45 minutes of action. After the sun comes up there seems to be somewhat of a lull in the action. Late morning to late afternoon has been the most consistent but the wind is everything right now. The fish are there but they do not always take flies and very seldom will they on clear calm days. The weather forecasts can only be a gauge for what might happen out there. The wind forecast has been wrong plenty lately.

You can catch fish both stripping and Nymphing any part of the day right now. Be ready for both and have a couple of rods rigged up. Albino Wino’s and Maholo Nymphs are a must in your box for indicator fishing right now. For stripping it is hard to beat foam beetles and tadpoles in Northern Lights and White Ghost colors. Olive Martini’s and Midnight Cowboys are great for Wooly’s.