Happy New Year Everyone! We hope everyone has a great year both on and off the water!

Pyramid has been fishing pretty good overall. It seems to have picked up in the last couple of weeks. There are still plenty of tough days out there but the number of fish caught has gone up some and there are more fish eating Nymphs for sure. Kind of weird for it to actually pick up in the beginning of January but we will take it. The water is right around the normal winter time lows at 43 degrees. The water should stay in this range for a month or two now. There are more fish being caught in the middle of the day now as well. The best days to fish are still going to be ones with a little wind or some clouds but you can get some grabs just about any day right now. The fish are still spread out all over and this is a good time of year to explore and fish some new water.

Dragging Olive Martini Wooly Worms, Bloody Marys, Loco White Ghost Tadpoles and Chartreuse and White Beetles are as good as anything on the shooting head set up. Red, Black or Wine Maholo nymphs are starting to catch a good number of fish under the indicator. Balance Leeches in Root Beer or Olive are also doing well. Don’t forget about the February 19th Pyramid Lake Celebration at the Nugget Resort in Reno. For more information go to: http://pyramidlakeflyfishing.com/education/pyramid-lake-celebration/