The lake continues to produce some really nice fish. As winter rolls on and storm systems continue to roll through, the fishing follows suit. We have not had this kind of a start to the January fishing in a few years. Weather helps Pyramid and the fishing all season long and it is being proven once again. The best days to fish at Pyramid Lake are days with some wind and come cloud cover. The storms systems that keep moving through the area are giving us the type of days needed to catch fish even with the water in the low 40’s and air temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s. The last couple of winters brought nothing more than blue bird sunny days and slow fishing. This year is different.

This is not the time of year to expect to catch a lot of fish. Colder water in the shallows pushes most of the fish into deep water. What we are seeing are smaller groups of fish or even single fish moving in and out of fishable water and then back out into the depths. A typical day at the lake is in the 1 to 6 fish day with some zero’s and some double digit days mixed in. If you can pick your fishing days try to go on a cloudy and or windy day. This should help the fishing and make time of day not as important. If you are at the lake on a calm sunny day then try to be there for either first light or last light.

Other than that it is really about just putting in your time. Fish are being caught on all types of flies right now and it is really more about the fly and the fish finding each other. White Ghost Tadpoles fished with a Midnight Cowboy or a Bloody Mary Wooly Bugger are tough to beat for shooting heads. Red Maholo Nymphs size 12 with either a gold or white bead or Pyramid Lake Balanced Leeches in Root beer or Olive size 8 for Indicator Nymphing. Location has not been that important except for trying to get the wind in your face. Reports of big fish are coming from all over the lake so it is a great time to explore and try some new spots. This type of pattern should remain for the next month or so if we continue to get more storms.

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