As the winter starts to set in and water temperatures continue to drop at Pyramid it will bring some changes to fishing the lake. Fishing over the past couple of weeks has been pretty tough overall. There have been some really big fish caught on almost a daily basis but it is a long time between grabs. The last few days have shown some promise and the latest reports have started to seem better. The water temperature is around 48 degrees right but can vary some depending where you are. It has been slowly cooling and at some point later this month it should drop to the 43 degrees or 44 degrees mark.

Most of the big fish caught this fall have been stripping Wooly Buggers, Beetles and Tadpoles right on the bottom. The indicator bite has been really tough. The fish that are in close enough to catch from shore seem to want something moving for sure. If you are going to the lake sometime soon make sure you bring your shooting head and spend most of your time using it. White Ghost Loco Tadpoles have easily been our best fly for big fish. Black Wooly Buggers have been catching fish as well but it seems the White Tadpole is attracting all the big fish. Fish are being caught all day right now just one here and one there. The evening bit we had a couple of weeks ago has slowed a bit but it is still worth staying till dark. Cloudy days have been the best for sure but there is low light this time of year anyway and you never know when a big lone cruiser is going to take your fly. IF you are going to use the indicator rig Maholo Nymphs in black or red have been the best for nymphs and Pyramid Lake Balanced Leeches in White Ghost or Midnight Cowboy in choppy water.

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