Well along with bringing in the New Year we also got another dose of the full moon phase at Pyramid Lake. Nice weather also played a part in the fishing being quite tough over the past week or so. The water temperatures are in the area of 43-44 degrees which is right around the winter time low. Most of the fish are hanging out in a little deeper water where it is warmer. The Tui chubs also prefer warmer water and are helping to keep fish down deep right now. That does not mean that all is lost. Wind and weather can move fish into the shallows on a day to day basis. Most days are tough, especially calm, bluebird sunny days. The long term forecast is for dry sunny warmer days so getting to the lake early and or staying late is going to help some. That time when the sun is off the water has been the time to fish over the past week or so. Fish are spread out all over the lake and weather is more important to fishing success than a particular spot on the lake. Areas with deeper drop offs and that have close access to deeper water are good spots to try right now. See http://pyramidlakeflyfishing.com/fishing/beaches/ for more information on these types of areas. Fish are being caught on a variety of techniques right now including stripping Woolybuggers and Tadpoles with a fast sinking shooting head as well as hanging flies under an indicator. It can be a long time between grabs right now and it is hard to take that long of a look at a strike indicator. Hopefully we get some weather into the Truckee Meadows soon and helps the fishing.