The weekend started off with some really high winds that put out the wind gauges at the lake for a day or two. This was on the front end of a pretty good storm system that put down inches of rain in the area into Monday. This should really help the lake in the long run. The fishing has been about average for this time of year. The stormy weather helped the middle of the day bite for sure. It seems as though the mornings have been better than the evenings for the past few days. The long range forecast is for sunny weather coming back to the area through next weekend. This is going to probably make fishing going forward once again dependent on wind and time of day. Fish early and or late and try to plan your trip to the lake on days when there is going to be some wind on the water. There is about 13 hours of daylight right now and fishing first light and last light is getting harder to do. A better idea is to plan to be there either early or late. White Ghost Loco Tadpoles and Midnight Cowboy Wooly Worms are a good combo for shooting head set-ups right now. White Ghost or Olive Martini Balanced Leaches and Red or Wine Maholo Nymphs are the way to go for Indicator rigs. It seems as though the first signs of Summit Lake Cuttys are showing up in smaller schools. Most of these are smaller fish but they are starting to color up for the spawn a little.

Casey Gipson