Pyramid has been fishing really well for the first part of February. The water is at its wintertime low of 42 degrees but it has not hurt the fishing lately. There have been some 20 fish days out there and also some big fish caught. There are some early schools of Summit Lake strain Cutty’s cruising the shallows already. Seems a little strange since we are having our first real winter in a while. Weather is still playing a part and we are due for a really warm calm week so we’ll see if anything changes. The water should come up a degree or two by the end of the week but the lake is supposed to be really calm. The first light bite is worth doing and especially this week with high sun and calm weather. Fish are eating just about everything. Wooly’s Beetles, Balanced Leeches, Nymphs and even Midges already. For stripping a Martini Olive Wooly Bugger with a White Ghost Tadpole trailer is hard to beat. For Nymphing for be sure to have a Maholo Nymph on top in Red or Red with a white bead. The bottom fly can be an Albino Wino, another Maholo Nymph or a size 8 balanced Leech in Root beer or White. The depths have changed at some of the beaches so make sure you have your flies set correctly.

Bill Ladner 2014