The fishing at the lake has been a little tough over the past week. We are cycling through the full moon right now and that probably has something to do with it. It is common for the full moon to put a damper on the fishing at Pyramid. The other factor is the lake is cooling down and the water temperatures are starting to drop into the high 40’s. This is common for December. The water temperatures normally bottom out around 42 degrees during the winter and they are headed in that direction. This will move a large portion of the fish into deeper warmer water until sometime in February or early March. There are usually enough fish roaming around some of the deeper beaches throughout the winter to keep anglers coming to the lake seeking a chance to catch a fish of a lifetime. Winter is usually a great time to catch a big fish at Pyramid just don’t expect to catch a lot of fish in between. There is a sizeable storm headed for the sierras this weekend and it could be just what we needed to give the fishing a boost. Keep an eye on the weather this weekend it looks like we could be in for some really high winds as the storm moves in. Stripping Wooly Worms and Tadpoles along the bottom has been working well. Nymphing under an indicator has also been catching fish. Maholo Nymphs in Red or Wine have been the most effective as well as Balanced Leeches in White Ghost and Olive Martini colors. We now have Pyramid Balanced Leeches in stock.