After a tough week of fishing two weeks ago, the lake has turned out some pretty good days this past week. Storms, low pressure and some wind are all a big part of the lake fishing better, especially over the past few days. Figuring out when and where the fish will show up is still a little bit of a mystery. We have reports from all over the lake and it is still good one day and slow the next in most places. If you use some of our tips and tricks from last week’s report you can put the conditions in your favor but that is still no guarantee right now. If you are in a spot and the fishing is slow you can either wait for some fish to show up or move to a new location. We are still in for some unsettled weather for the next few days and the fishing should be pretty good. Anglers are catching a lot of fish on Bloody Mary and Olive Martini Wooly Worms with a shooting head. Chartreuse Loco Beetles are a good bet for a dropper. Nymphing under an indicator has also been working well. Some big fish have been landed on Red Maholo Nymphs just off the bottom this week.

Bill Ladner 2014