The lake has fished pretty good on some days and tough on others. The wind has blown mostly out of the South for a couple of weeks now. This is common for this time of year as small storm systems move through the area. On days when it turns more out of the East the fishing has been better. The days it blows more out of the West is has been slow. The water temperatures are creeping down and are now around 46 degrees. The type of fishing days we are having now can be expected for the next couple of months. Some big fish are being caught but it is a while between grabs. If you can go on stormy days you should do better. Avoid the days when the wind blows out of the West and don’t fish areas where the wind is at your back. On sunny days go early or stay late. These tips will increase your odds at Pyramid any time of year but especially when it is slower. Stripping flies on the bottom with fast sinking shooting heads has been the way to go lately for many reasons. We have been doing really well on White Ghost Loco Tadpoles as a dropper and Either a Midnight Cowboy or a Martini Olive Wooly Bugger behind. Most of the grass is gone now and clean retrieves are more and more common. There are still some fish being caught under the indicator but it is a long stare. Use bigger stuff like Balanced Leaches and Maholo Nymphs this time of year.