What a difference a week makes. The colder weather has finally arrived with the first good snowfall on the valley floor in a long time. The water temperatures at the lake were already starting to drop a bunch and it looks like that will continue. The fishing at Pyramid has really started to improve over the past 10 days or so and some really big fish have been caught as well. The pattern is right in line with what happened last fall. Great fishing from deeper in the lake in October followed by a slow period at the end of the month into the first part of November. Then sometime in mid-November thru mid-December the fishing was outstanding. Then the water and air temperatures forced most of the fish out in deeper water and the fishing slowed again thru about the beginning of February. So basically now is the time to go to Pyramid before winter sets in. Every day is not going to be great but this is one of the best times of the year to target big fish.

The water temperatures have fallen into the mid 50’s and will continue to drop steadily over the next month or so and get down to the low 40’s which is the normal low water temperatures for the lake in the winter. The water is still warm enough that the fish are really active, have a lot of energy and are chasing flies using very fast retrieves right on the bottom. It is not nearly as important to be out in the lake anymore as fish are cruising many beaches with moderate to deep drop offs. This is a great time of year to practice your shooting head skills and catch some fish in the meantime. Dark colored Tadpoles like Northern Lights or Loco Olive have been working well. Vince Young of Bakersfield caught and released a 17 pound Pilot Peak Cutthroat while fishing with Guide Chris Evison this week using a size 4 Green Tadpole. They also caught many other fish as well with the same fly. Superfast strips were the key. Maholo nymphs have also been working well for those who prefer to indicator fish. Red, Black and Wine are all worth a try in size 12. Look for the bite to remain good until the water starts to get into the mid 40’s in a month or so.