Mid-April at the “Big Pond” and all is well. The spring spawn is in full swing and there are plenty of fish cruising the shoreline in search of a place to reproduce. The water temperatures are in the low to mid 50’s which is pretty normal for this time of year. The next month or so should be a great time to fish at Pyramid Lake.

Weather is still the determining factor for good and bad fishing days at the lake. Wind in your face continues to get fish to be a little more active and calm days give them a case of lock jaw. There are plenty of fish around most of the beaches we are used to fishing from Warrior Point to Dago Bay. With the fish spread out this much it gives anglers a much better chance to use the wind direction to their advantage and avoid the crowds if you choose. First and last light can also be a great time to be on the water depending also on the weather. Shooting Head rigs fished with 12-15 pound leaders and a two fly set up is a great way to go. Fly colors can change daily so don’t be afraid to mix it up. White Ghost Tadpoles, Olive Martini’s and Midnight Cowboy Wooly Worms are a good bet though. Nymphing rigs fished with an indicator is also a great choice right now. Size 12 Maholo Nymphs and Midges are hard to beat. Try the Copper Top and the Albino Wino for the bottom fly close to the bottom.

Jim Bowen 12.75