Fishing Report June 2024

Hey folks, Rob here giving the last fishing report of the season.   The late season June bite is in full swing, Put the ladders away and break out something to float in. The surface temperatures are already rising to uncomfortable temperatures for the trout and they are starting to stage in deeper water. (perfect). This [...]

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Mid-March Fishing Report 2023

A little over halfway through March and it appears that winter is not willing to let go. Storm after storm has pounded the Sierras for the past few months. What is normally the most productive month of the season at the lake has been “weathering the storm”. Water temperatures are 8 degrees below normal, and [...]

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Fishing Report 2-14-22

Pyramid is already in full swing. The reports are fantastic from all over the lake. Both big fish and numbers of fish are being caught. The next two months are going to be awesome. The lake leve is down around three feet from last spring. The importance of that is that the fish have adjusted [...]

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