Lauren Dunn age 16 has been all over the world with her father Brian Dunn chasing World Record fish. Living in Truckee, one of Lauren’s goals was to catch a behemoth Lahontan Cutthoat that roam the depths of Pyamid Lake. Turning 17 on Monday October 7th, Lauren was down to her last week to chase and break the record. All summer Lauren prepared for the final week. Since Pyramid does not open until October first every year she would only have a week to acomplish this awesome feat. School would also get in the way some and only allow her two days to be at Pyramid Lake before her 17th birthday. Shift to October 1st, opening day. Lauren and her dad with help from their local guide and friend Rob Anderson headed out to Pyramid in hopes to hook a giant Lahontan Cutthoat Trout. They arrived around 7:00 am to one of Rob’s favorite beaches at the lake and geared up. Lauren grabbed her trusty ladder and wadded out into the lake to get set up. As Brian was still getting his gear together Lauren started to fish. It did not take long as Brian could hear Lauren yell from the lake “I Think I got a good one” Lauren being an experienced fisherman knew this was not an average fish. Lauren battled the fish for several minutes before backing the fish into shallow water. As it got closer it was obvious that this was the fish she was looking for. The fish was put into the net and onto the boga grip. Brian srcreamed out “It’s 9 pounds”. Then calmly the process to make sure this fish would qualify for the record started. Pictures and measurments of the fish were taken and the gear was cut off Lauren’s rod to send to the IGFA. “First fish of the year” Lauren says. “I did it”. So now the waiting game starts for the International Game Fish Association to have the record verifyed. Having tons of experience chasing world records, Brian knows the process all too well and has no doubt that this fish will qualify for the new Junior Female World Record for Lahanton Cutthroat Trout. Congratulations to Lauren and we wish her the best in the outcome!

Lauren and the new Pending Junior Female World Record