With only two weeks left in the season, there is still time to get in one last trip. The lake is fishing well if you know how to target these fish in May and June. The fish are staging in a little deeper water where the temperatures are a little cooler. There are lots of bait balls showing up in fishable locations. The best way to approach the fly fishing this time of year is out of a pontoon boat or Kayak. A good depth finder is also very helpful to find the correct depth of water to fish and also to look for bait. 20-40 feet of water has been the best for sure. Balance Minnows in size 4 have been working well in White, Olive, black and Root beer. A fast-sinking line that sinks at least 6 inches a second (8 is better) with a sinking running line is the way to go. Vertical jigging has also been highly effective.