Opening Day at Pyramid was as good as it has been for several years now. There were some really good reports of anglers catching 10-15 fish. The good fishing has continued for most of the first week. It is really important to find schools of bait near shore this time of year to have the best chances. Minnow patterns fished with a fast sinking shooting head that sinks 6-8 inches a second on beaches that offer chances to get your flies into 15-25 feet of water are your best areas to try. There are not too many spots around the lake that shore fishermen can do this but those types of beaches were awesome on the opener. The beaches page does a great job of explaining which areas offer access to deeper water around the lake. The fishing should only get better as the water cools and fish creep into the shallows over the next month. Midnight Cowboys, Olive Martini’s, Bullet Head Streamers and just about any minnow imitation in size 2-6 is worth a try.

The best story of opening day goes to Lauren Dunn of Truckee who caught and released the new Junior Female World Record Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. This is a category for anglers under the age of 17. The fish was Lauren’s first fish of the day and weighed slightly over 9 pounds. Congratulations to Lauren! Go to   to see the story.