Wow! What a fall at Pyramid. This has been the best fall fishing out at the lake in recent history. The new strain of Lahontan Cutthroat Trout continue to grow and offer anglers the chance to catch a fish of a lifetime. Several fish over 20 pounds and a couple in the 25 pound class have been caught over the past month or so. Lots of fish in the 10-20 pound range have also been caught. There are several beaches that continue to produce fish but the fish are really spread out. Spots with access to deep water have been the best places so far. lays out the variety of spots to try at the lake and the ones that have access to deep water. All sorts of techniques have been working. Shooting head set-ups with Midnight Cowboys, Bloody Mary’s and Olive Martinis have been working well. Dropper flies like white Wooly Buggers and Chartreuse Loco Beetles are also worth a try. Nymphing has also been catching fish. An estimated 24 pound fish was caught last week on a size 12 Black Maholo Nymph. Albino Wino Midges are also doing well.

There is a bunch of really cold weather headed our way and the water temperatures are bound to plummet. This could change the fishing conditions and drive fish into deeper water sometime soon. It should remain pretty good for a while however if you can handle the cold. Fish have been biting seemingly any time of day so as the cold weather sets in it might be a good idea to get a little later start.